Aftermarket Exhausts

The quickest and easiest way to improve your RC17’s performance is to ditch the standard exhaust and fit an after-market one.

One exhaust that will bolt straight on with minimum problems is the Motad NETA. Nigel has one, and Mr_T had one on his RC17, and it gives a higher top-end than the stock system without sacrificing mid-range power or the exhaust tone.

Another system that I know is available (although you’ll have to hunt for it) is a race pipe from Moriwaki in Japan. I managed to get one from Nigel (Team Member #4) – it came to Nigel via Japan. So, I must have the world’s most travelled exhaust system – Japan to England to Australia.

A very happy Viking!

My Moriwaki is now third-hand, and I have it on good authority that all the previous owners loved the sound of it, and the added power it gave. I love it too!

The first time I went for a ride with it on, I was wishing for red traffic lights, simply so I could listen to the exhaust note as I accelerated away.

A comparison with the MAC system

Since then, I’ve done a track day with (again) a noise limit, and I had no problem with the pipe. Legally (in Victoria, Australia, anyway) we’re allowed up to a 100dB noise limit. Modern bikes are stuck with something like a 94dB limit.

Mr_T’s comments:

Viking’s comments on his MAC system:

Viking’s comments on the Moriwaki system: