We don’t just write about our bikes, or sit in the garage for days taking them to pieces – we ride them. Here are some ride reports that list members have submitted, either to the mailing list, or to the website.

If you have a ride report you’d like to submit, feel free to contact the Team, and we can easily arrange something.

Date Author Description / Report
June 23rd, 2002 Jon Jeffryes The Longest Day
July 19th, 2002 Andre Kladler Andre’s Alpine Adventure
December 4th, 2002 Viking Journey to the Dark Side of the Sun
July, 2003 Andreas Norway to Switzerland and back
October 31st, 2003 Rod Durant and Viking Rod and Viking at Sandown Raceway
October, 2004 Alan Nicholson Coromandel Ride
5 Sept 2010 Andy Jordan Andy & Lucy’s Cornwall Trip