Unallocated Team RC17 Members

All members of our mailing list are automatically unallocated members.

Curious as to what’s the difference between ‘allocated’ and ‘unallocated’ membership?

In a message to the mailing list, Mr_T (also known as “El Presidente” and “Team RC17 Australia #1”) clarified the team membership criteria with the following statement:

From: Ted Palmer
To: TeamRC17
Subject: Team membership

Many of you may be wondering what it takes to get into the Team. After
some discussion with Viking, some simple guidelines were established.

First off, if you are reading this through the mailing list then you
are in the Team. Welcome!

You can do what you like in regard to making your own team hat or
whatever, you could put “Team RC17 UK” or “…Iceland” or whatever you
like on your sig or hat or something. However, you are not issued with
a number or listed on the website. We could call this “unallocated”

To be an “allocated” Team RC17 Australia member with official hats and
number issued, you need to make a significant contribution to the Team,
whether it is an article for the website, something that all the members
could ultimately benefit from.

(Donations of fully race prepared Mugen-Honda engines would no doubt
help a lot :-)

Sending pictures is not “significant” unless the pics can be used to
put together an article for the website.

That’s about all there is to it, I’d like to keep it simple for everyone.

If anyone has comments for or against, speak up.

bq. Melbourne Australia??